Truly Victorian Patterns

We now stock a small range of Truly Victorian patterns. Printed on paper, not tissue, these patterns are based on historical garments, drawings and descriptions, drafted to fit the modern form. Designs are basic versions with details of trimmings left off which allows them to be easily adapted into one-of-kind creations. Most are multi-sized and contain all sizes in the one package. Full instructions are given with each pattern, however some prior sewing knowledge and experience is assumed.

Due to the quality of each pattern they are best suited for creating historically accurate clothing for re-enactments, but could also be adapted to other uses. The 1880s Late Victorian Corset, for example, is historically accurate, but has been adapted to suit modern bust cup sizes for ease of fitting and would be perfect for creating anything from period underwear to modern outerwear.

Any of the Truly Victorian branded patterns available on can be ordered in. Lead time is approximately 2-3 weeks.

All Truly Victorian artwork displayed with patterns is the property of Truly Victorian.


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